T H E  L A N D

THE LAND (LANDET in Danish) is a pulsating and immersive work composed from sound- and vibration recordings of the mechanical aspects of Danish agriculture. Recorded on a pig- cattle- and a chicken farm, as well as at the ‘Danish Crown' pig slaughter house, detailed sensor recordings of the vibrating, roaring machinery of agriculture invites the listener out to the land and into an incessant, almost hypnotizing universe of sound; a condition that the endless pulse of the food industry generates.

A commission by G((o))ng Tomorrow Festival, November 2022
Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, KODA and the Danish Composer's Union.

Sound and vibration recordings on chicken farm, March 2021

Sound and vibration recordings on pig farm, December 2020
The machinery that distributes the pig feed before it is routed into the pipes and down the trough

The vibrations from the machinery at Agrifarm are captured

Sound and vibration recordings on cattle farm, December 2020
Sensors placed on the milking equipment itself to capture the 'path of the milk' from the udder through the hoses to the container.

Sound and vibration recordings of the gigantic and complex machinery on Danish Crown, September 2021

Harvest, August 2021


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